Storm's Demise

10/12 Session

This week opened with the party dealing with the aftermath of the goblin raid on the town of Melton. They convinced the townfolks to come out from the inn, where they took shelter. Dawn, their guide, also came out from the butcher’s shop once it was confirmed that all of the enemies were dead.

The party learned from the innkeeper that Frost Giants had attacked the town and taken something called the “Nightstone.” They arrived on a floating cloud fortress, normally the transportation for cloud giants, and dropped large boulders on the town. The giants referred to it as an artifact to be returned to its rightful owners. The town only knew it as a stone that they would expose to moonlight and it would glow.

He also informed the party that there were three townsfolk that were killed that needed to have their out of town family members told of their demise. The innkeeper asked if they would choose one and he would send runners to the other two.

Around this time, Dawn’s supposed boyfriend arrived along with six of his mercenary friends. He advised that Dawn was actually there to gather information on the town that they could use to help convince the town to join their network of other towns that work together. The party wasn’t entirely convinced and talked to the innkeeper to see if they knew anything about this network. The innkeeper knew this to be the Black Network…full of thugs and spies.

The party did not want an altercation with the group of mercenaries so they decided to leave on their messenger mission. However, to fake out the mercs, they grabbed the packs/information for two of the locations and said out loud that they were going to Bryn Shander (in the far north) when, in fact, they were going back to Triboar instead.

The group began to travel to Triboar when they encountered two Hobgoblins along the road. While fighting them, Felgolos, a bronze dragon, seemingly lost control and crashed to the ground…smashing the hobgoblins. Felgolos introduced himself and advised the party that the Ordening, the magic system of the giants that determined the leadership/power order of the different types of giants, may have fallen. All types of giants were now venturing out and trying to gain power in different ways so that they might become the ultimate leaders of all giants. This is a dangerous time for all non-giant creatures. The dragons are the sworn enemies of the giants so the party may even be able to work with and trust chromatic dragons if they are going to be going up against the giants. Felgolos then bid his goodbye and flew off.

The party continued their travel towards Triboar. Shortly after, they began to set up camp for the evening and and noticed a cloud coming towards them and against the flow of other clouds. The party hid but the cloud landed and extended cloud stairs towards them. The cloud had a massive tower coming to a point at the top like a wizard’s hat. The party, being inquisitive, entered the cloud tower.

In the tower, they met Zephyros, a cloud giant. Zephyros has an affinity for the “small folk.” He informed the party that since the ordening fell (yes, he confirmed it), he has been contacting the other planes to determine why and how it can be fixed. Zephyros was given a vision from the gods that this party of adventures would be the ones that would either repair the ordening or destroy it. He is unable to give them any additional information but he does offer to fly them to a destination of their choice. The party chose Triboar. Zephyros advised them it would take 3 days, shortening the trip by 5 days.

The party set up camp in the bottom floor, Zephyros activated the cloud and began their trip, and the evening ended.



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